Q&A: Can prayer bring peace to the world’s worst conflicts?


“…When people talk about building peace or changing a dynamic of the community from war to peace, most often it’s linked to them wanting political power. We never came for that. We were solely interested in peace and peace alone… When we read Esther in the Bible, we realized that a key aspect of the work that she did was linked to the power of prayer. So we used that also… There were numerous occasions where I could tell anyone, without an ounce of a doubt or an inkling of a doubt, that God was truly there, his hands were in the work that we did… We didn’t have abundance, but whenever the need was there, [God] was ready, too.” (Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Laureate)

Read on in this compelling Christian Science Monitor Q+A: Can prayer bring peace to the world’s worst conflicts?

TRUTH a benefit * WAHRHEIT eine Wohltat


“My yoke is easy” for through and in TRUTH is all benefit and all wellbeing of the sincere workman.


“Meine Last ist leicht”, denn durch und in WAHRHEIT ist alle Wohltat und alles Wohlbefinden des aufrichtigen Arbeiters.