Error is unable to express itself * Irrtum ist unfähig, sich zu äußern

Error (disease, injustice, unfreedom, tempests etc.) is unable to express itself and say “I am so and so…” (such as for instance: “I have a headache.”) for error is not mind, i.e. is not intelligent, and knows nothing about itself.

GOD is all-knowing, all-good MIND and all that which exists reflects MIND!


Irrtum (Leiden, Ungerechtigkeit, Unfreiheit, Unwetter etc.) ist unfähig, sich zu äußern und zu sagen “Ich bin so und so…” (wie z.B. “Ich habe Kopfschmerzen.”), denn Irrtum ist nicht Gemüt – sprich: ist nicht intelligent – und weiß nichts von sich selbst.

GOTT ist allwissendes, all-gutes GEMÜT und alles Seiende spiegelt GEMÜT wider!

Pray . Reach Out . Heal

Listening and discerning
we hear angels speaking right to the heart.
Honestly yearning, nothing can set us apart,
from God, from Good.

Understanding Life, Truth and Love
we reach out and heal.
Prayer guides and inspires and not human will,
to glorify God and his idea.

Through communion and practice
we’re grounded on rock,
to destroy false perceptions and thus serving God’s flock,
turning sorrow into joy.

Thanking God for Mind’s work is accomplished
in holy perfection,
we, as eternal reflection,
drink of the living Christ’s cup.