One nation, one man * Eine Nation, ein Mensch


There is no border to protect, to defend, to overcome, neither between nations nor between men, because there are neither nations many nor men many, but one nation only, the kingdom of Good and one man only, the Christ-man, the good man.


Es gibt keine Grenzen zu beschützen, zu verteidigen, zu überwinden, zu reparieren, weder zwischen Nationen noch zwischen Menschen, denn es gibt weder mehrere Nationen noch mehrere Menschen, sondern eine Nation allein, das Königreich des Guten und einen Mensch allein, den Christus-Mensch, den guten Mensch.

2 thoughts on “One nation, one man * Eine Nation, ein Mensch

  1. “If, for a moment, we regard mankind as one individual, we see that the human race is like a person carried away by unconscious powers; and the human race also likes to keep certain problems tucked away in separare drawers… Our world is, so to speakm dissociated like a neurotic, with the Iron Curtain marking the symbolic line of division… It is the face of his own evil shadow that grins at Western man from the other side of the Iron Curtain.” Carl G. Jung, Man and His Symbols


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