There is no way to Love. Love is the way.

There is not way to Love. Love is the way.

God is Love. Love is the liberator because God is freedom.

Man is never bound by selfishness since selfishness requires a self. Love liberates man from a sense of self. No self, no personality. No sense of personality, therefore no mind in matter alias body.

Mind is God. One God, One Mind.

No other minds exist where Mind is all, and where Mind is infinite and ever-present. With no other minds possible, matter is senseless. With matter senseless, matter is unable to claim existence.

In Mind-Love there is no body-matter. Mind-Love is substance, the substance of creation and man. Substance-man is free, is all freedom, is the freedom to see God.

Substance-man knows himself as substance-man since he “shall see Him [God] as he is” and thus recgonize himself in Him.

Man feels God because God loves man and woman as the manifestation of His Deity. This is the beloved man and the beloved woman, “male and female created he them”.

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