Know thyself / Kenne dich selbst

Know thyself / Kenne dich selbst



In prayer ask God to enable you to reflect God,

to become His own image and likeness,

even the calm, clear, radiant reflection

of Christ’s glory.

(Mary Baker Eddy)

Aggressiveness of a lie… / Aggressivität einer Lüge…

“The aggressiveness of a lie is directly proportional to its implausibility. The more aggressive a lie presents itself, the greater its implausibility, until, as a consequence of its own insubstantiality, it disintegrates into its native nothingness.”

“Die Aggressivität einer Lüge steht in direktem Zusammenhang mit ihrer Unglaubwürdigkeit. Je aggressiver eine Lüge sich präsentiert, je unglaubwürdiger ist sie, bis sie aufgrund ihrer eigenen Substanzlosigkeit in ihr natürliches Nichts zerfällt.”

Bond of Love or un-self yourself

Bond of Love or un-self yourself

“My own corporeal personality afflicts me not wittingly; for I desire not to think of it, and it cannot think of me.” (Mary Baker Eddy)

“…put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness.” (Colossians 3:14)

Überströmen muss dein Herz / Thy heart must overflow

“Du musst dir selber treu sein,
willst du die Wahrheit lehren;
Und überströmen muss dein Herz,
wenn andere du willst rühren.”

“Thou must be true thyself,
if thou the truth would’st teach;
Thy heart must overflow,
if thou another’s heart would’st reach.”

(Mary Baker Eddy)

Friendship is divine

Friendship is divine

” ‘I have called you friends’ …we are designed to love and support and trust one another… “